“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves”
-William Shakespeare

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"There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit,
no barriers to our progress.. except those we ourselves, erect."
-Ronald Reagan

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Stress Management:

-release stress, rather than hold on to it
-finding ways to relax along with rest for the mind and body, even if faced with pressing tasks. When we don't get the rest but just get more stress (energizing), our muscles tend to get tired of the tension they are holding. After a while they will get cramped and sore and we feel it as a headache, or soreness in our back or shoulders, or other symptoms.
-perceive and deal with the stress in a positive manner

Weight Loss or weight gain:

-Increase energy/desire to be more active
-reduce appetite or change eating habits completely
-Increase metabolism
-proliferate growth and healing of muscle tissue
-Also can be used to proliferate the body's production of growth hormone
-crave more water
-Change the individual's self perception through visualization; negative self-perceptions tend to linger in the subconscious and while they're there, that's what your body will continue to project
-Create the vision of yourself in the future with your accomplishments, competitions, body changes and strength helps create the mindset and belief that will make you stronger and more powerful. -Doing a mental workout while in a hypnotic state will rapidly increase your strength and endurance allowing for more strenuous and rigorous work outs without causing the physical body harm


-People develop phobias for a variety of objects and situations. From elevators and spiders to heights, airplanes, and open spaces, phobias can prevent a person from experiencing a full, uninhibited life.
-Hypnotherapy provides a solution to this problem through deep relaxation and fear response techniques that teach an individual positive, calm ways of reacting to the fear and anxiety associated with their phobias.


-uncover the reasons for self-sabotaging, destructive behavior
-learn to counter those beliefs with new positive affirmations.
-Start perceiving success as a reality that you're already attaining that you deserve, that everyone deserves, instead of just a "one day in the future" dream.


-Let hypnosis help you improve the way you see yourself
-Improve your confidence in various social situations

Quit Smoking or other bad habits:

-Discover and get rid of the various subconscious associations responsible for many of our bad habits. Very often, these habits are associated by our subconscious with stress, anxiety, certain fears, maybe even images of success (that victory, 'I just accomplished something'-cigarette).
-Hypnotherapy can help get rid of these misguided associations, allowing you to kick the habit or at the very least, control it (significantly decrease your smoking, if you don't want to quit or decrease the amount of unhealthy beverages or desserts you have with your meal, etc.)

Sports Performance:

-develop the mental toughness characteristic of elite athletes
-Increase endurance
-Improve focus to the point of it being unwavering no matter the pressure, no matter the situation
-Really believe that you deserve to win, that you will win because you are a winner.
-This confidence in yourself and your ability will in turn improve it more
-Instead of second guessing yourself, you will trust your judgement
-be able to fully recall and recreate perfect golf strokes, pitch a no-hitter, land that game winning 3-pointer or make your first serve an Ace
-Anchor your game in your past successes your most powerful games or performances instead of bringing up the failures.

Focus & Memory:

-develop stronger state of concentration.
-improve recall
-feel more focused
-read faster
-improve spelling


-Reiki is a holistic therapy of healing through universal life force energy; hypnosis is a process of controlling mind and body.
-Hypno-Reiki is a powerful therapy that can add to the healing processes, by utilizing the power of hypnosis and channeling Reiki. During such sessions, hypnosis and Reiki work together improving and proliferating the others effect.

Other problems hypnosis helps:

-self-awareness or intuition
-pain management
-Improve motivation or combat procrastination
-eliminate a stutter
-alleviate some allergies
-even help with snoring.

The strength and power of the human mind is limitless.